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A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript. The New Tech-assisted Approach That Requires Half The Effort.pdf




org can be described as a method to "read" the relevant documents, as well as a database for the search of relevant publications. Innovations, other than the formal strategies, are also deeply rooted in the human system, within the teachers' personal knowledge and values. These are subjectively perceived within the context of the experience, therefore, teachers cannot be subject to a traditional hierarchal arrangement in terms of competence and knowledge. They can, however, be more subjectively acknowledged and can be mapped on the merit basis, as teachers usually acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can have a real understanding of the various activities and be aware of the challenges they can face in a teaching situation. Accordingly, the teaching innovation process could be described as follows: it starts with understanding the context, represented by the values and beliefs of the teachers; followed by identifying their competencies and limitations; and concluded with a deep understanding of the educational situation. As for the implementation of the teaching innovations, within the knowledge triangle there are three critical elements: (a) the teachers, (b) the institutions, and (c) the administrators. At the teachers' level, teachers need the appropriate motivation and a relevant awareness of their own experience in order to be able to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. At the institutional level, policies and support systems are needed that encourage the use of teaching innovations in the curriculum, and the administrators need to be able to adapt these innovations to the contexts and needs of the school. The knowledge triangle will be discussed in greater detail in the following chapters in conjunction with the teaching process. ## 4 Conclusion The quality of a teaching situation is more important than the quality of the teaching process. The quality of the teaching process is influenced by the quality of the teaching method and by the characteristics of the teaching context. Within the educational research, a large volume of research reports provide a wide range of information about the teaching process. According to the research findings, the following characteristics have been highlighted as determinant of the quality of a teaching situation: the characteristics of the context (student, teacher, and school), the characteristics of the teacher, and the characteristics of the teaching method. In this book, I provide an overview of the existing research and the emerging trends in the educational research to discuss how all these factors influence the quality of the teaching situation. Within the knowledge triangle framework, the elements of the teaching process are represented and the critical dimensions are defined, with particular emphasis on the qualities of the context and the teaching



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A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript. The New Tech-assisted Approach That Requires Half The Effort.pdf

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